New companies need new roads

Offenbach ⋅ As far as the 35-hectare Allessa wasteland in the east of Offenbach is concerned, reality has fulfilled even the wildest dreams of Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD), as he said on Tuesday. As the responsible economic promoter, he and Paul-Gerhard Weiß (FDP), Head of Planning, have already pursued the plan to bring the city back to financial health by locating modern companies and paying their trade taxes. However, he only dared to dream that just a few years after purchasing the site, an international player like Frankfurt-based Samson AG, which manufactures industrial valves and digital control technology, would move there with around 2,000 employees.

But not only that is certain, in the meantime the biotech company Biospring has also decided to set up production there. For the city, however, this means doing what normally takes years to do in the shortest possible time: Specifically, the site now known as the innovation campus must be connected to national traffic as quickly as possible so that delivery trucks can pass through with as few traffic jams as possible. This should be possible with a connecting road to the federal highway 448. However, a road with the dimensions of a federal highway is not intended.