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new complaints "for endangering the lives of others"

Forty-five people decided to file a complaint in the context of the Toulouse campaign "I have glyphosate in the urine and you? ".

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As part of a campaign to test glyphosate levels in urine, part of Ariège, forty-five complaints for "endangering the lives of others" were filed Wednesday, February 13 in the court of great instance of Toulouse. "The more complaints, the more important and serious the case will be"said Toulouse lawyer Claire Dujardin, who came to represent some plaintiffs.

According to Jacques Dandelot, one of the animators of the Toulouse campaign I have glyphosate in the urine and you? "Between two hundred and three hundred people have filed a complaint or are filing a complaint in France" against the use of this controversial herbicide.

Launched in the spring of 2018 by the collective of volunteer mowers, the Glyphosate Campaign aims to find the glyphosate rate in the urine of citizens and then to file a complaint against the manufacturers and decision-makers who authorize the use of glyphosate, the main substance of Roundup Monsanto, a subsidiary of Bayer. According to the Ariège association, the results of the first 150 or so analyzes are "Worrying" and reveal that "The average glyphosate level in the urine of complainants is about fifteen times the maximum rate allowed in drinking water".

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"Aggravated deception and harm to the environment"

The complaints lodged on Wednesday against " every person " involved in the dissemination of this product also relate to facts "Aggravated deception and harm to the environment". They are intended to be centralized with the others already deposited in France at the public health pole of the tribunal de grande instance in Paris, said Me Of the garden. The plaintiffs present at the courthouse of Toulouse, about thirty, posed on the steps of the palace brandishing each one the rate of glyphosate found in their urine.

Among them, a young couple, Violette and Julien, shows disparate rates of 0.92 nanograms of glyphosate per milliliter of blood for her and 2.08 for him. "We eat the same thing in the evening and at breakfast, but, for lunch, I have lunch at the canteen of my job"says Julien who claims to provide the rest of the time in organic food. Pierre, 71, a retired agricultural engineer with a rate of 1.39, is indignant at a "Scandalous contamination".

In mid-January, the Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, had qualified To "worrying" the presence of glyphosate in the urine of the French, recalling that France has committed to removing glyphosate by 2021. This "broad spectrum" weed killer has been classified as "Probable carcinogen" March 2015 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO). But in November 2015, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) estimated "Unlikely" that it presents a carcinogenic hazard for humans, and the European Chemicals Agency (Echa) went in the same direction in 2017.

The deputies of the insubordinate France proposed Wednesday, in committee, the total ban of the glyphosate on November 27, 2020. A binding provision which was rejected and had already been previously refused by the Republic in march during the examination of the law agriculture and food, adopted last October.

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