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[New Corona]Community-acquired cases in Singapore-Malaysia’s Conference of Rulers-Bloomberg

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In Singapore, 14 cases of new domestic coronavirus infection were reported, and about one-third of them had an unknown transmission route, which made it difficult to implement a plan to further relax restrictions on restaurants and gyms. There is.

The Conference of Rulers hosted by King Abdullah of Malaysia will be held on the afternoon of the 16th to discuss the state of emergency being announced. Although the declaration slowed down the infection of the new coronavirus, it has not ended.

The state of California in the United States has lifted restrictions on measures against the new corona and has completely resumed economic activities. Governor Kuomo of New York has lifted all remaining restrictions, saying that 70% of adults in the state have been vaccinated with the new corona vaccine at least once. Under these circumstances, the cumulative number of corona deaths in the United States has exceeded 600,000.

Russia has announced that the domestic vaccine “Sputnik V” is effective against the mutant strain “Delta” first identified in India. In Moscow, hospitalizations for critically ill patients have increased by 70% in recent days, Interfax reported, citing Mayor Sobyanin.

More than half of the population has received at least one new corona vaccine in Italy. Bloomberg’s tally based on government data revealed.

Scotland is likely to postpone the planned relaxation of restrictions later this month. Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon has revealed.

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