[New Corona]Former Cathay crew arrested in Hong Kong, Victoria Medical Tight, Australia –Bloomberg

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, which will start on the 4th of next month in China, plans to forgo the sale of tickets to the general public in light of the “serious and complicated situation” surrounding the new coronavirus in the country. The announcement posted on the website revealed that the invited group will be watching the game at the venue.

Beijing Olympics, general ticket sales postponement-allowing specific spectators to watch

Hong Kong police announced on the night of the 17th that they had arrested two former Cathay Pacific flight attendants for violating regulations related to the new Corona. The two allegedly violated the disease control regulations are alleged to have brought the Omicron mutant to Hong Kong. The former crew member is on bail and will be heard in court on February 9.

Former Cathay Pacific crew arrested over Omicron infection-Beijing warns of international mail

Interim data from a study conducted in Israel showed that four doses of the new Coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Pfizer Germany and Biontech could not sufficiently prevent infection with the Omicron mutant.

Omicron strain cannot be completely protected by the 4th inoculation-Israel test

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), said it was too early to determine whether the rapid spread of the Omicron strain would accelerate the end of the pandemic. He is President Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor.

Fauci, it’s too early to decide if Omicron will signal the end of the pandemic

Meanwhile, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said with the French newspaper Figaro that people have been forced to limit their lives over the past two years, but their previous routines may soon return. He said in an interview.

CEO Pfizer may soon return to his previous routine-speaking to the French newspaper

Victoria, Australia, has issued an emergency measure “Code Brown” to all hospitals in metropolitan areas and major regions, saying that the medical system has become tight due to the spread of the new corona infection. The move will allow hospitals to shift staff to diverse roles or cancel vacations if necessary. It will also be possible to increase the number of hospitals that can handle infected people.

A Hong Kong expert committee has approved the use of the new CoronaVaccine from China’s Sinovac Biotech for children aged 5-11 years. It also allowed children of this age to be vaccinated with the German Biontech vaccine for adults.

In France, almost all activities such as restaurants, movie theaters, and airplanes will be required to show the new Corona vaccine pass (immunity passport). Men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic is likely to need a vaccine pass if he wants to play at the French Open, which opens in May.