[New Corona]US Emergency Use Authorization for Glaxo Antibody Drug-Melbourne City Blockage-Bloomberg

US President Joe Biden has instructed US intelligence agencies to step up efforts to locate the origin of the new coronavirus and submit a new report within 90 days.

Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in the United States said in a spokesman’s discourse posted on its website that it would support “full verification” of all of the early cases of corona infection found in the world. He pointed out that the investigation should be complete and transparent and factual, and insisted that “some secret bases and biological laboratories” should also be included without detailed explanation.

US President Instructs Intelligence to Elucidate Corona Origin-New Report Within 90 Days

Victoria, Australia, will enter a seven-day lockdown from the 28th in response to the re-expansion of the new corona. The capital of the state is Melbourne.

Victoria, Australia to lock down for 7 days-Corona infection re-spreads

Corona deaths per day hit a record high in Thailand. Malaysia has the highest number of newly infected people ever. Vietnam’s Prime Minister Chin, who is also facing a new increase in infection, has approved the establishment of a fund to solicit donations to accelerate vaccination.

A trial of the latest proceedings filed by the European Union (EU) against the company was held in a court in Brussels, alleging that the British AstraZeneca vaccine was not supplied as contracted. EU agents have criticized the company’s “default” supply and urged the court to immediately issue an order to execute the supply.

France announced that it will tighten immigration restrictions from the UK from 31st this month. He explained that it was to prevent the influx of mutant strains that were first confirmed in India.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that GlaxoSmithKline and Ville Biotechnology’s antibody drug candidate “VIR-7831 (Sotrobimab)” have a mild to moderate coronavirus infection (COVID19) over the age of 12. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was granted to patients at risk of aggravation. The FDA revealed in a letter dated 26th.