New cross-hatchback FAW Bestune B70S is modeled on Mazda – Autoreview

Under the Bestune brand, the FAW concern produces models of the “upper mass” segment, and now there are already four T-series crossovers in the range (one of them will soon appear in Russia), but there is only one passenger car so far. This is the FAW Bestune B70 large liftback that debuted last year. Now the B70S model has been created on its basis, and this is not a “sports” modification at all, but a raised cross-hatchback. Although the company prefers to use the fashionable term “coupe-crossover”.

Bestune B70S is based on the basic “seventy”: they have a common modular platform FMA (FAW Modular Architecture) with a transverse engine, body style and interior design. But the cross-hatchback is noticeably more compact: the wheelbase has been reduced from 2800 to 2750 mm, and the total length – from 4810 to 4555 mm. A slight increase in width (1850 mm) is due to plastic overlays, plus the height is increased by 60 mm (1515 mm).

In fact, the developers do not hide that the Mazda CX-4, a coupe-like SUV, which is produced and sold only in China by the local joint venture FAW-Mazda, has become a role model. Although it is argued that there are no direct borrowings from the Japanese model, and technically the Bestune B70S is completely different. The Chinese car has 19-inch wheels, retractable door handles and full LED lighting technology.

The interior design of the cross-hatchback completely repeats the original liftback. There are two displays on the front panel, with the multimedia one slightly turned towards the driver. The climate control unit is touch-sensitive, but with two rotating handles. The electric drive of the front seats, a panoramic roof and all-round cameras are announced.

Technically, the B70 and B70S are identical too. The base turbo engine 1.5 (169 HP, 258 Nm) is combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or a seven-speed preselective “robot”. The older 2.0 turbo four (224 hp, 340 Nm), which appeared in the liftback quite recently, is aggregated with a six-speed “automatic”. Only front-wheel drive, although the rear suspension is independent.

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FAW Bestune B70S will be on sale by early spring 2022. And for the price, it will be located between the Bestune B70 liftback (from 16 thousand dollars) and the Mazda CX-4 SUV (from 23 thousand dollars).