New crossover VAZ-1111 “Oka” 2022-2023 presented as a cheap replacement for X-Trail and Tucson for Russia

The AvtoVAZ company today is in a non-standard position for itself. Thanks to the departure of some competitors and a sharp reduction in production in the whole country, the Volga Automobile Plant was able to take a 40% market share. But this is what opens up additional opportunities for the company to develop. In particular, the absence of competitors allows the launch of products that would not previously be in demand due to the availability of better and more popular cars. So, crossovers such as the Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Tucson and a number of others are not currently produced in Russia. And Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Karoq left our country. Thanks to this, AvtoVAZ is able to enter a completely new niche for itself.

The domestic designer showed what could be a model that will compete with Tucson and X-Trail. He created a series of renders with the new VAZ-1111 Oka 2022-2023 crossover. The reason why this particular brand was used, and not Lada, is that the active development of the model range will eventually lead AvtoVAZ to the need to launch separate sub-brands for each family. And Oka may be revived for future crossovers. The approach that uses sub-brands for individual families is used by many companies. So, this is most typical for Chinese manufacturers.

Despite the fact that the Oka crossover is still presented as a concept, the likelihood of such a car appearing is high. This is due not only to the fact that entire niches have become vacant in Russia. AvtoVAZ, according to a previously announced statement, should increase its annual production to 500,000 vehicles in the near future. It is impossible to achieve such a result without launching new models. It should also be taken into account that Chinese companies are gradually increasing their share of presence in the Russian market. Therefore, AvtoVAZ needs now to create products that can compete with models from China.

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In addition, the Russian company has recently repeatedly announced its intention to create a crossover. But AvtoVAZ, most likely, will not be limited to one similar car. Moreover, as noted earlier, entire niches are now open for the company, in which there is no competition. In addition, AvtoVAZ received access to licensed Renault technologies in the spring, which reduces both the time and costs required to develop a new crossover.


The presented model vaguely resembles many Tucson-type crossovers. However, it rather resembles its potential competitors, which were produced several years ago. But this does not mean that the applied design is already outdated. The crossover has a “fresh” look that will set it apart from classmates.

The new VAZ-1111 “Oka” 2022-2022 is designed in a sporty style: its side and front parts of the body are wavy, which is not typical for such models. At the crossover, the support legs are strongly inclined back, which, in combination with a sloping roof and hood, improves aerodynamics and, as a result, reduces fuel consumption. Also, the presented model is equipped with a large windshield, which will positively affect visibility from the passenger compartment.

The crossover received a flat hood. But its sharp bend in the area of ​​​​head optics and narrowed headlights, interconnected by a decorative insert with LED strips, give the car a somewhat aggressive look. At the same time, this combination will probably not be implemented on the serial Oka. In particular, the crossover should lose the central insert with LED strips, which will be replaced by a narrow strip of the radiator grille.

The sporty style of the novelty is emphasized by the front bumper. Most of it is occupied by 2 air intakes: the upper one, which has a trapezoidal shape and is complemented by a large mesh, and the lower one with horizontal slats. On the sides of them, there are oval ventilation holes, along the perimeter of which LED strips are stretched. From below, the front bumper is covered with a plastic lining, which goes into wheel arch extensions. The Russian novelty boasts a fairly large clearance.

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The rear of the body of the crossover VAZ-1111 “Oka” 2022-2023 does not have such smooth curves as the rest. Here the developer placed a developed wing with an additional brake light and large LED lights. The stern is complemented by a decorative bet imitating a thin diffuser. The rear bumper, covered with black plastic, is located above the ground higher than the front. This will positively affect the patency of the presented crossover.


It is not yet known on the basis of which platform the presented crossover can be built. Previously, there was talk that the AvtoVAZ company would create a similar car based on Vesta or the B0 “trolley”. But recently there was information that indicates that the Volga Automobile Plant may start production of a model based on the CMF-B platform, which the company borrowed from Renault.

Regardless of the type of trolley chosen, the future crossover will be equipped only with VAZ engines. Representatives of AvtoVAZ announced back in 2021 that the company was adapting its own engines to the French platform. Given the dimensions of the new VAZ-1111 Oka 2022-2023 crossover, it can be assumed that even in the basic modification it will not be equipped with a 1.6-liter unit. By default, the presented model will receive a 1.8-liter engine that develops up to 122 hp. There is a possibility that a 145-horsepower version of this engine will be prepared for medium and top modifications of the crossover.

Most likely, the basic versions of the presented model will have front-wheel drive. But more expensive modifications will receive all-wheel drive, which will also be borrowed from Renault (more precisely, from Duster).

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Start of sales

The AvtoVAZ company has not yet announced the exact timing of the appearance of its first crossover. If AvtoVAZ really launches several crossovers into the series, then a car similar to those presented in these renders will appear no earlier than in the middle of the decade. Author: Fedor Averiev