Initially confirmed cases of unknown origin:

. A 55-year-old woman with chronic illness lives in Sha Tin and works as a part-time salesperson in the bakery of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mong Kok. She felt unwell on February 15th, went to a private doctor for treatment on the 17th, and handed in test samples on the 19th. Afterwards, due to the continued illness, she sought medical treatment again on February 22 and was referred to the Prince of Wales Hospital. The sample tested positive late at night. The sample submitted on the 19th also had a positive report around the same time. The patient is currently in the intensive care unit. The Royal Plaza Hotel stated that she had worked at the mobile booth of the Royal Plaza Bakery on February 16 and 17, but was refused work until the 18th for failing to provide a negative test report.

. A 63-year-old man living in Xinghua Village, Chaiwan, works part-time at the seafood island in Budaiao Village, Clearwater Bay. He is responsible for driving the restaurant customers to Hang Hau MTR Station. He last went to work on February 20 and had a fever on the same day. His family was initially diagnosed.

. A 22-year-old man, living in a tenement building on Fuk Wah Street, Changsha Bay, was selling flowers at the Prince’s Flower Market from February 2 to 13. During the period, he had a sore throat from February 11.

. A clerk at Shangxiang Road, To Kwa Wan, living in Dongxiao Tower, Dongxu Court, Shau Kei Wan, had runny nose on February 22 and tested negative for the virus on the same day; he last went to work on the 23rd and tested positive on the same day. He visited his family in the Palliative Medicine Department of Grantham Hospital on February 21 and 22. When he entered the hospital, he presented a certificate of a negative virus result within 72 hours. He stayed in the hospital for about 30 minutes while wearing a mask. The family members he visited and the 3 patients with the same illness were unable to properly wear masks due to their physical conditions. Those who were listed as close contacts were required to be isolated and quarantined.

. A 58-year-old man, living in Huagui Village, Pokfulam, became ill on February 17 and last went to work on the 22nd. The patient is the clerical officer of the Registration and Electoral Office. He works on the 13th floor of the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center and is responsible for the logistics of voter registration. Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection, said that the patient was initially diagnosed; the Registration and Electoral Office said the patient was diagnosed.

Coronavirus Correlation Report:

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