New dates to pay property and vehicle tax 2022 in Bogotá with a discount

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá informed the interested parties of the change in the dates to pay these two taxes that put many in trouble year after year. The extension will be two months to register and pay with the 10% discount.

through the Secretary of Finance of Bogotá extended the dates to pay this tribute. The date to pay it depends on the last letter of the property chip.

Initially, the date was scheduled for April 8, but now, with the announced modifications will be between May 9 and 24, with a 10% discount. For payment without discount, the maximum date is June 24.

These are the dates on which citizens must pay the property tax, if they wish to access the discount:

Last letter of the chip Maximum date with discount
A, H Monday May 9
THERE IS Tuesday May 10
D, F Wednesday May 11
J, M Thursday May 12
K, P Friday May 13
L, N Monday May 16
O, Q, P Tuesday May 17
S, T Wednesday May 18
U, W Thursday May 19
X Friday May 20
AND Monday May 23
Z—sin chip Tuesday May 24

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Payment by installments is also enabled, but to benefit from this option people must register with a maximum term until May 6.

It should be remembered that The physical property tax will only reach people who live in stratum 1 and 2 while the rest of the inhabitants of the capital will receive it by email and will be able to make the payment online through the Virtual Office of the Ministry of Finance.

2022 dates to pay vehicle tax in Bogotá

The payment for this tribute was also extended for a month and, like the property tax, it can be paid electronically and thus avoid long lines. In this case, the day of payment will depend on the last digit of the plate in which the car or motorcycle ends.

These are the days that taxpayers will have as the maximum date for pay with a 10% discount, while payment without this discount can be made until July 15.

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Last digit of the car or motorcycle license plate Day to pay car or motorcycle tax with a 10% discount
0 Friday June 3
1 Monday June 6
2 Tuesday June 7
3 Wednesday June 8
4 Thursday June 9
5 Friday June 10
6 Monday June 13
7 Tuesday June 14
8 Wednesday June 15
9 Thursday June 16
A – Z Friday June 17

Changes in payment of property and vehicle tax in Bogotá

The Virtual Office platform is the one that will receive the Bogota citizens who must pay one of these two taxes and the extension of dates is due to the fact that the entity changed the platform to carry out tax procedures and payments.

In this new model, people must register on the page, but the invoices to pay vehicle tax will only be available until the end of Marchwhile those of property tax until mid-April.