New dimension of wedding! The brave bride invited 9 ex-girlfriends to the event, holding up a congratulatory sign.

I came to congratulate the bright love.. Brave bride invites 9 ex-girlfriends to attend the wedding Plus holding a congratulatory sign Netizens wonder if they’re ticklish or not?

On the day of the wedding, if there is a “person in the past” of the newlyweds would be extremely embarrassing but this wedding Nine of the bride’s ex-girlfriends showed up together with banners congratulating her.

The incident was revealed online yesterday (June 23) in a video from a wedding in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, China, when nine of the bride’s ex-girlfriends showed up with banners to congratulate them. and asked to take a photo with the bride This made the matter a hot topic in the online world.

Because of the positive thinking of the bride and sifting through the invitation card of her ex-girlfriend to the wedding. As a result, on the wedding day, up to 9 young men came together, plus everyone held up signs. “All ex-boyfriends, congratulations. and wish Je Ting happiness” and take a picture with the ex-girlfriend wearing the wedding dress with a cheerful look. And there is also an ex-boyfriend holding a sign at his ex-boyfriend’s table.

After the clip was shared around the world online. It became a hot search in the social world of China immediately. Some netizens say that the bride is really beautiful. But when he saw the face of his ex-boyfriend can only say that “The bride’s taste is very good. Uniquely good!”

While some netizens are worried about the groom. because I wonder how the current husband will feel Seeing the ex-girlfriends of many wives and congratulated with such overwhelming feeling

However, some netizens were skeptical of the ex-girlfriends who came to congratulate them. Shouldn’t be the bride’s ex-girlfriend. But it may be the setting to add color to the wedding only.

Plus, some netizens wondered if they were familiar with the bride. came out and said, “Actually, these men are classmates. Growing up with a bride from childhood to adulthood” and it’s not true that she has so many ex-girlfriends.