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New election clash in Florida

Election results still uncertain in Florida create strong tensions between Democrats and Republicans, Donald Trump in the lead. A controversy that recalls the historical jumble of the 2000 US presidential election.

Republicans, Donald Trump in the lead, and Democrats blamed each other Friday for the election results still uncertain in Florida, three days after the legislative, a controversy that recalls the historical tangle of the US presidential election of 2000.

"It's shameful what's happening in Florida", thundered Donald Trump in front of the cameras. Weighing all his presidential authority in a result that has not yet been officially announced after Tuesday's parliamentary elections, he similarly claimed that the Republican Senate candidate in Florida, Rick Scott, "Had easily won". The counting is still ongoing.

"No one can prevent the legal recounting of votes"

"In a democracy, no one, not even the president, can prevent the legal recounting of votes"said the leader of the Democratic Senators, Chuck Schumer. "We will not allow it, or anyone else, to steal this election".

Florida looks set for a new count in the coming days, as the margin between Rick Scott and outgoing Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is tight, 0.18 percentage points Friday, or less than 15,000 votes in a state of 21 million inhabitants.

The governor too

A similar scenario upsets the election for Florida's governorship. In this case, the Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum first conceded his defeat on Tuesday night. But he has since learned that many ballots still had to be counted, which could change the narrow margin – 0.44 points, and 36,165 votes Friday – separating him from Republican Ron DeSantis.

The local authorities have until Saturday noon in order to communicate the provisional results. If the difference is then less than 0.5 point, a new counting will be automatically ordered. If it is less than 0.25 points, this new count should be done by hand.

537 votes in 2000

It will be necessary to wait before having official results in this Florida which had occupied the media of the whole world in the year 2000, when only a few votes separated the republican George W. Bush of the democrat Al Gore for the presidential one.

The striking images of scrutinizing officials, sometimes with a magnifying glass, one by one punched bulletins have marked the memories. The process was finally decided by the US Supreme Court. The Republican defeated the Democrat in Florida by 537 votes and won the presidential election. But this time, the local authorities have an obligation to give a final result on 18 November.

Ballot counting, which includes dozens of categories and also arrives in large numbers by mail, still takes time in the United States. And in those states where the results are tight, every vote counts, so you have to wait.

Georgia too

In neighboring Georgia, the Democratic candidate for governorship, Stacey Abrams, has refused, since Tuesday to concede defeat against Republican Brian Kemp, until all votes were counted.

"You mean they are finding votes right now in Florida and Georgia while the election was held on Tuesday? " Donald Trump quipped on Twitter. Brian Kemp " won ".

Same situation in Arizona

The same reasoning applies to Arizona, where voters can still make a dramatic change in the choice of their senator, while more than 260 000 ballots were still not counted Friday night.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema surprised by taking the lead over Republican Martha McSally, whose victory seemed assured Tuesday. Kyrsten Sinema led more than 20,000 votes on Friday night. A new vote point is scheduled for Saturday.

If the Democrats finally win here and in Florida, the Republican majority in the Senate will remain assured but will be shorter than expected.

The Cross (with AFP)


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