New Fast Electric Car Officially Introduced

Saturday, 18 June 2022 – 16:36 WIB

VIVA – MG introduces a new car that enters the segment hatchback, and was named MG Mulan. This vehicle is their first product, which carries the concept of aesthetics, safety and environmental friendliness.

Present as an electric car, the MG Mulan will join other models from other automotive manufacturers created to help reduce air pollution problems and the depletion of petroleum reserves.

Its dimensions are 4,287 mm long, 1,836 mm wide and 1,516 mm high, with a front and rear wheelbase of 2,705 mm. Its weight in empty condition is 1,665 kilograms.

MG designed this car with the Nebula platform, which focuses the design on a low point of gravity and balanced weight distribution between the front and rear.

The uniqueness of this car is that it uses battery technology which is named Rubik’s Cube. which supplies power to the dynamo. Later, this stun motor is in charge of turning the rear wheels and has a power of 204 horsepower. Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour, is claimed to reach 3.8 seconds.

There are models with a battery capacity of 51 kilo Watt hours and 64 kWh, which can be used to cover distances of up to 400 kilometers and 600 km. Later, the battery can be removed easily enough to be replaced with a larger capacity if desired.

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