New features on the Poitiers bus network

Vitalis network bus lines resume their winter hours from Sunday August 29 and September 2 for school lines. Several new features are expected on the network this year, in particular deviations due to roadworks and new stops.

One of the big changes will be the deviation of nine lines, due to works on rue Scheurer Kestner, from September 2021 to July 2022. Lines 2, 13, 24, 25, 28, A, B, N2 and La Citadine are concerned. “This will impact a lot of users”, explains Vitalis director Cédric Faivre. “Because line 2 is the busiest in our network.”

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New routes

The line 28, which crosses Fontaine-le-Comte, will no longer serve the Baudry and Jupiter stops. The Les Lilas stop is moved and the Saint-Exupéry stop is created. “This will make it possible to reach more inhabitants of Fontaine-le-Comte”, explains Cédric Faivre.

The line 27 will serve the new Golden Triangle stop “which will link the Trois Cités district directly to Poitiers-Sud and to the shopping area”, complete Cédric Faivre. “It was a request of the inhabitants for several years.” There will also be new terminuses on lines O, 16 and 21. Details are on the Vitalis website.

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The director also recalls that the health pass is not compulsory on the network, because it only concerns long journeys.