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WhatsApp subscription should come for business customers

As reported by the website WABetaInfo, Messenger WhatsApp is currently working on a subscription model for its business customers. The newly created subscription will give users additional functions in addition to the existing free services. One of the innovations should be the increase in the number of devices with which a business account can be linked. So far, up to four devices can be connected to one account. Under the new subscription, the number should increase to up to ten. In addition, the interface of the “Linked Devices” section will also be revised. With these changes, WhatsApp wants to enable its business users to have different people within a company all communicate with a customer in the same chat.

It is not yet known what other functions will come with the new subscription model. It’s also unclear how much a subscription will cost and whether payments will need to be made monthly or annually.

Subscription remains optional

According to WABetaInfo, even if WhatsApp is working on the introduction of a new subscription, this does not mean that all business customers will have to pay for their business accounts after the launch of the new service. For users, everything should remain the same even after the release of the new subscription model. They should continue to be able to use their current functions free of charge without restrictions. Only those who want access to the new functions have to take out a subscription and pay a certain amount for the increased possibilities. However, the previous basic functions would also be available to everyone free of charge in the future.

Subscription model also conceivable for private WhatsApp users

As the website GIGA writes in an article, it is conceivable that WhatsApp could expand its subscription model to its private customers at a later date. If the new approach is successful with business customers, the parent company Meta should be interested in asking its private users to provide additional features at the checkout. According to GIGA, its Metaverse plans are quite expensive, so that additional income may be needed to finance the project. The social media giant is also currently struggling with declining user numbers for the first time in history. In the future, the messenger could actually be forced to change something in its offer. It is therefore not unreasonable that WhatsApp, like many other apps, will make its basic functions available to the public free of charge in the future, but will only offer additional features for a subscription or in-app purchases.

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