New film shows a look into the “heart chamber of democracy”

What does a state parliament actually do? And what is the day-to-day work of MPs like? The new state parliament film that has just been released answers these questions and many more.

The film can be accessed via the website ( or the YouTube channel of the state parliament (

In each election period, the state parliament produces a film that is intended to provide information about the position, the tasks and the working methods of the state parliament and the people involved. State President Hendrik Hering emphasized: “The state parliament is the heart of our parliamentary democracy. The decisions that are made here in Parliament come at the end of a long process. This is prepared intensively by the work in the committees and is often preceded by an intensive dialogue process between the parliamentary groups and members of parliament and social groups. That, too, makes up the value of parliamentary democracy.” With the renovated Deutschhaus, an attractive, modern and contemporary place of democracy has emerged, which is open to its citizens. Hendrik Hering continues: “An open, free society, respectful interaction with one another and a functioning democracy form the basis of our coexistence”. The film wants to convey that too.

The new state parliament film starts with a brief review of the state elections and the constitution of the state parliament on May 18, 2021. In the information section that follows, clear graphics and diagrams are used to answer central questions that are important for an appropriate understanding of parliament: What is it for? even a state parliament? What are the tasks of the state parliament? Who works in the state parliament? What is a faction? What is a governing coalition? What is the opposition? What happens in a plenary session? What are committees? The core of the third part consists of interviews with three MPs. In the last part of the film, the renovated Deutschhaus is presented as a place where democracy is lived and as a place of remembrance of the history of democracy.

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State parliament film should encourage a visit to the state parliament

“The information film is intended to familiarize the viewers with parliamentary events and encourage them to explore the state parliament in Mainz themselves in order to get their own picture of the work of their state parliament and to discuss political issues with their elected representatives to be exchanged,” explained State Parliament President Hendrik Hering.