New film soundtrack: Taylor Swift surprises with “Carolina”

Neuer Film-Soundtrack
Taylor Swift surprises with “Carolina”

After years of fighting for the rights to her music, Taylor Swift is finally free to produce new songs. Now she is starting with a soundtrack for a film. The pop singer surprises her fans with “Carolina” – soon to be heard in German cinemas.

US pop singer Taylor Swift has released a new song. “Carolina” is her contribution to the soundtrack of the bestselling film adaptation “The Crayfish Song”, which is scheduled to hit German cinemas on August 18, according to the Universal label.

The musician wrote on Twitter that the song was created a year and a half ago. It was “a song about the story of a girl who always lived on the outside and looked inside,” continued. “Figurative and literal. The juxtaposition of loneliness and independence. Her curiosity and her fear all intertwined. Her persistent gentleness and the world’s betrayal of it.”

“I wished that one day you would hear it,” Swift explained. The melancholic piece is carried by Swift’s voice – accompanied by a banjo, a piano and gentle synthesizer sounds.

According to Media Control, the novel by the US author and zoologist Delia Owens, published in 2019, was the best-selling book in Germany last year. The work inspires with a captivating mixture of adventure, love and crime story.

The book is about a nature-loving girl who, abandoned by her family, lives in isolation amidst salt marshes and sandbars in the North Carolina marshes. The rumor mill about the so-called marching girl is big. Then a murder happens. Residents of the coastal town of Barkley Cove agree who is to blame. A trailer released in March already contained a snippet of the Swift song.