Next Friday, May 15, the comedy show ‘Barre librea’ will premiere on ETB1 and Led by Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola, once a week, in a pleasant atmosphere and with sharp tongues, he will gather a group of friends made up of top Basque actors at EiTB’s Donostia-San Sebastián headquarters in Miramon.

All together, they will offer the family a sponge cake with humorous monologues, sketches and a sponge cake. “That’s what we’ve learned to do well in confinement. We used to laugh even before, but now we’re going to have a ‘free laugh’, ”the session working group said. The topics will be varied and, of course, the realities we live in – confinement, escalation or phases – will be reflected especially in the first sessions.

The creative head of the show, produced by New Media and ETB, is made up of actors Getari Etxegarai and Kepa Errasti, along with Aitziber and Jon. The quartet is responsible for the content, along with screenwriters Aitor Ormaetxea and Ane Gerra.

The characters will also be boned in the ‘Free Laughter’ session. Virginia or Gorane, known to Aitziber Garmendia, for example, as well as new ones: Xuban, Agurtzane and Korinba, special members of Gorane’s family; Jose Manuel, Virginia’s friend, and Lulu, Virginia’s surreal painting of the virgin at home. Along with Aitziber and Jon, Kepa and Getari will also play the characters.

In the first session, Aitziber, Jon and Kepa will complete the episode with three other great Basque actors: Itziar Atienza, Miren Gaztañaga and Ramon Agirre. Next week, Joseba Apaolaza, Itziar Ituño and Ane Gabarain will perform with Aitziber, Jon and Getari. ‘Barre librea’ will be broadcast on Friday nights at 22:30 on ETB1 and


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