New Fricktal Newspaper | A playground paid for by Roger Federer

Di, 17. Never. 2022


Eröffnet wurde das Fest vom Chor der Buben und Mädchen des Kindergartens Oberhof unter der Leitung von Franziska Kasper. Foto: Simone Rufli


An unexpected gift for the Oberhof kindergarten

Applied without much hope, got 22,000 francs – Oberhof benefits from endowment money from the Roger Federer Foundation due to its high social welfare quota. On Friday evening, the near-naturally converted kindergarten playground was inaugurated.

Simone Rufli

On the bench are the choir singers, in front of them the construction manager Franziska Kasper, who – when she is not negotiating with craftsmen – together with Nicole Kneubühl as a kindergarten teacher, is preparing the choir for the transition to school. The audience in a semicircle: siblings, parents, members of the authorities, teachers and Jan Gerber from the Swiss Health Foundation Radix, the implementation partner of donor Roger Federer. They are all on Friday night in the…

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