New Fricktal Newspaper | money that never arrives

On, 07. Feb. 2023


Ist verärgert über das Vorgehen der beiden Internet-Firmen: Hans Reimann, Präsident des FC Frick. Foto: Simone Rufli


The donors want to support FC Frick

Knowing about the upcoming anniversary of the association, two Internet companies are currently contacting local businesses. Anyone who pays for an ad is led to believe that part of the money is being used to support FC Frick. A mistake.

Simone Rufli

The stitch is always the same. In the case of Frick, it works as follows: The companies GmbH from Zug and from Brig look for addresses of small businesses in Frick and the surrounding area, pick up the phone, sell the businesses advertisements on their website and collect the money. Businesses are left believing that part of the money will go to FC Frick. “Which was never the case,” says Hans Reimann. Reimann is President of FC Frick…

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