New hair restorer hope for baldies

New hair restorer hope for baldies

From Markus Brauer Markus Brauer (mb) profile May 11, 2018 – 08:00
Even though the bald head is now considered a symbol of masculinity, many bald heads wish their hair back. British researchers have now discovered a means that the hair could sprout again.

The age-related record is for many men so far an inevitable fate. Photo: dpa

Manchester – Hope for bald heads Researchers at the University of Manchester have discovered a remedy that could stem hair loss in men. The substance, which was originally developed for brittle bones, prolongs the growth phase of hair follicles and promotes the production of new hair, according to the scientists in the specialist magazine “Public Library of Science Biology” (PloS Biology) reported.

This allows a restoration of the head hair, said the study director and dermatologist Nathan Hawkshaw from the UK College.

Potential new cure found for baldness – BBC Health News (@bbchealth) May 8, 2018 The path to bald Hair follicles are invaginations in the scalp that surround the hair root like a shell and in which new hair is formed. Hair loss affects more than three quarters of all men. What begins with receding hairline and light hair ends with many a bald head. The loss of full hair is so far unavoidable. Genetic predisposition and hypersensitivity to the male sex hormone testosterone play an important role. Drug for osteoporosis should help In the search for new hair restorers, the experts found that the drug WAY-31660 developed against osteoporosis causes the hair follicles to grow significantly stronger. The production of keratin, a protein and main component of hair, was also boosted. According to the researchers, WAY-31660 is overall more promising and better tolerated than minoxidil and finasteride, which are already available as drugs for hereditary hair loss. “Next is a clinical one study It tells us whether this remedy and other similar drugs are effective and safe in hair loss patients, “says Hawkshaw.

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