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New heirs to KM Shaji’s luxury home; Conspiracy to ‘share’ illegal property | Kerala | Deshabhimani

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Kozhikode>> KM Shaji’s cottage intellect behind finding new heirs to illegally constructed luxury house. The preliminary conclusion of the Vigilance team is that Shaji, the state secretary of the Muslim League, has introduced new characters as an easy way out of a case of illegal acquisition of property.

Kozhikode: A 5420 sq ft house at Malurkunnu was constructed at a cost of `1.62 crore. Luxury house built in the name of his wife. It was alleged that the money for the construction was found from illegal savings. It is alleged that the bribe money bought to allot Plus Two in Azhikode High School while he was an MLA was also used to build a house. A special unit of vigilance is investigating the matter as per the court order.

Shaji has not yet revealed the source of his income. Meanwhile, it was revealed that the wall built around the house had encroached on the nearby land. The land adjoining the house was registered in the name of Ali Akbar and Afza, both from Vengeri. Shaji was intrigued by the new strategy of having to account for only one-third of the cost of bringing them into the ownership of the house. However, it became clear to the officials that it was suspicious that two new people, who had not intervened in the construction of the house, had reached the ownership certificate. With the intervention of vigilance in this matter, the corporation decided to take ownership decision after seeking legal advice.

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