New housing prices are rising everywhere in France

Given the scarcity of the supply of new housing, the rise in new property prices is accelerating. In November 2021, the average price of a new apartment thus reached a record level in municipalities with more than 45,000 inhabitants in mainland France.

5,195 € / m², this is the average price of a new apartment in municipalities with more than 45,000 inhabitants in mainland France, in November 2021. Or an average price increase of + 5.7% over one year, according to a study by the Real Estate Laboratory based on the price lists of programs being sold by developers.

However, as the analysis underlines, for the moment, there is nothing to suggest a slowdown in the rise in prices. To explain this price increase, Franck Vignaud, director of the Real Estate Laboratory, underlines that “the current tensions on raw materials and the supply of construction sites, the rise in the prices of materials and energy are all factors which contribute to the inflation of new housing prices and to the chronic insufficiency of the production of new housing in relation to the needs ”.

From single to triple in the Paris region

According to the Laboratoire de l’Immobilier, even if the prices of new real estate in Paris have only increased by 3.4% in one year, buyers currently have to pay € 12,500 on average to buy an apartment.

In the Parisian suburbs, Levallois-Perret (€ 12,336) and Boulogne-Billancourt (€ 11,407), which are currently more expensive than the popular 18e Parisian arrondissement, have average prices close to or even higher than those in the capital. Issy-les-Moulineaux completes the trio of the most expensive suburban towns at € 9,782 / m², up 7.5%.

“Despite the rise in prices, Seine-Saint-Denis remains the last sector in the Petite Couronne where buyers can still find new housing at less than € 5,000 / m², without benefiting from VAT at 5.5%. This is the case for Bobigny, Bondy, Drancy, Le Blanc-Mesnil, Noisy-le-Grand or even Rosny-sous-Bois, while all these municipalities will soon welcome a station of the future Grand Paris Express, which has the effect of to increase prices… ”notes Franck Vignaud.

Province: prices rise in two thirds of cities

Even if Paris obviously remains the most expensive city in France for new housing, the rise in prices has spread throughout France. Thus, 9 of the 15 largest municipalities experienced a price increase of more than 6%, ie double that in the capital. Three of them even show increases of more than + 8%: Rennes (+ 9.7%), Toulouse (+ 8.4%) and Grenoble (+ 8.1%).

“Municipalities usually appearing among the cheapest, such as Saint-Etienne and Limoges, crossed the 3,500 € / m² bar for the first time, a sign that the rise in prices is even affecting areas hit by a demographic decline since several censuses” notes Franck Vignaud.

Conversely, Le Havre continues to accumulate the lowest price and the lowest increase in the TOP 15. A new apartment in Le Havre still costs 3.5 times less than in Paris.

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