Insider Max Weinbach in a video on the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel shared new information about the iPhone 12 camera. The main difference from the iPhone 11 will be a lens with seven plastic lenses – in previous models, the lens consists of six elements.

Possible design of the main flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max

Extra lenses affect image quality in different ways — they can help increase sharpness and reduce distortion in pictures. How this will actually affect the iPhone 12 camera, we will learn at the presentation. It seems that in this generation, Apple is not ready for a large-scale change in the camera – it will be postponed until next year. According to analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, the company prepares lenses with eight lenses right away.

Another innovation relates to video recording. iPhone 12 will learn how to record videos in 4K at an increased frame rate of 120 or 240 frames per second (FPS). This will allow you to shoot videos with a slowdown of four or eight times. Modern iPhones with such a frame rate can only record video in Full HD resolution, and a maximum of 60 FPS is available for 4K clips.

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New shooting modes are supported thanks to the Apple A14 processor, which will appear in all four iPhone 12 models. According to an insider, mass production of chips will begin in a week. The new processor will place 15 billion transistors instead of 8.5 billion from the previous Apple A13. This was achieved due to the technical process of 5 nanometers – the lower the indicator, the more transistors fit on the board. Last year’s processor is built on a 7-nanometer process technology.

Despite the innovations, Apple plans to leave the price of new iPhones at the same level. The base iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen will cost even less than the predecessor of the iPhone 11 at $ 50. Therefore, in Russia you can expect prices for a new line from 50-55 thousand rubles.

For comparison, the iPhone 11 at the start cost 60 thousand rubles, but after nine months of sales, its price dropped below 55 thousand:

Operating System: iOS 13 • Processor: Apple A13 • RAM: 4 GB

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