New jazz legend “Club Des Belugas” will perform in Jurmala

The music of “Club Des Belugas” is recognizable from the first notes. Most have heard it Samsung, LG, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Martini, Victoria Secret and in more than ten advertisements of other popular brands, while the group’s compositions are included in more than half a thousand different selections.

Jazz, funk, soul, Brazilian rhythms, lounge and bossa nova – this is only a part of the musical repertoire of the Belugas. Their concerts are held in packed halls all over the world, and now they are coming back to Jurmala. The guests of Dzintari Concert Hall are not only waiting for a wonderful concert program, but also getting to know the new “pearl” of the group – Swedish singer Anna Luka, who will charm the audience with her soulful vocals and elegant manner of performance.

“Club des Belugas” was founded in 2002 by group leaders Maksims Ilions and Kitty Bila, and already a year later they had conquered the first places in the European charts with their compositions. Today, the group boasts twelve studio albums, more than twenty singles and two prestigious ones Spanish Jazz Awards nominations.

“With their first performance at the festival, these artists caused a real stir, so we invited them to Jurmala again. German-Swedish singer Anna Luka – light, elegant, with completely unique vocals. Her performance touches the most sensitive strings of the soul! What more can be said? “Club Des Belugas” performs on the world’s best stages, just like all the musicians who will visit us. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to cooperate with them,” said Inese Galante, who inspired the festival.

Every year, the festival “Summertime – invites Inese Galante” gathers the best musicians on the stage of the Dzintari concert hall to create an atmosphere full of the joy of life and the healing power of music.