New Kia Sportage designed for Europeans: encourages those who want to get off the road

The new generation Kia Sportage SUV, built according to strict engineering parameters, has a feature that is also important for Lithuanian drivers. The comfort and handling of this model have been developed with the needs of Europeans in mind.

For the first time in the 28-year history of Sportage, the European version of the city’s SUV will have a unique wheelbase. It has created an extra-large cabin space that meets the practicality needs of the vast majority of people who drive a car every day. The off-road dimensions of the SUV are also precisely adapted to European roads, and the drive technology will also encourage those wishing to get off the asphalt.

Coordinated on the roads of the Old Continent

The new platform has enabled Kia’s engineers to delineate key mechanical components and electronic equipment with extreme care. This has created a refined SUV with road stability, dynamic and precise handling and comfort.

Kia’s engineers have performed various tests on European roads, combining the next-generation Sportage suspension and steering system and calibrating the electronic driver assistance. Thanks to the technological solutions installed in the car for the first time, it is controlled with optimal precision, regardless of the type of road surface and weather conditions.

Sportage’s electric power steering (MDPS) provides good feedback, giving the driver more control over the car. The front is equipped with an independent MacPherson strut suspension, and the rear-mounted multi-link design allows you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride as well as take advantage of the car’s dynamic character.

An optional active electronic suspension (ECS) continuously monitors the operation of the shock absorbers. This technology responds extremely quickly to changes in the position of the Sportage’s body and turns to the steering wheel. The instantaneous adjustment of the shock absorbers during cornering allows the body to be neutralized by sudden ups and downs, thus ensuring not only greater driving comfort but also safety.

The intensity of the damping force varies according to the road conditions. This makes it possible to comfortably overcome various types of unevenness and prevent the transmission of shocks from the wheels to the cabin.

Terrain Mode technology for difficult conditions

New Kia Sportage designed for Europeans: encourages those who want to get off the road

For the first time, Sportage has Terrain Mode technology, which will be available in models with hybrid drives and all-wheel drive systems. Going out in nature and the advanced equipment for Sportage owners who enjoy active leisure automatically selects the car’s options for maximum traction. This technology is designed to drive in difficult conditions where you have to drive through snow, dirt or sand.

Drive mode is activated on all models when starting to drive. Drivers can then also choose between Comfort, Low Fuel Consumption and Emissions Eco or Sport Sport with Inclusive Control, according to their needs.

Selecting the latter results in a faster reaction to steering wheel rotation and accelerator pressure. For comfort and driving safety, information on all driving modes is displayed on the high-resolution instrument panel display. Depending on the selected mode, thematic visualizations are also provided.

Also suitable for extremely difficult conditions

The sport-controlled Sportage all-wheel drive system distributes power optimally between the front and rear axles. Depending on the road conditions and traffic situation, traction transmission can vary considerably, ensuring dynamic handling as well as increased safety and reduced fuel consumption.

On models with internal combustion engines only or with a hybrid system, the locking function of the all-wheel drive system only works. When used, the activated four-wheel drive improves traction when driving through snow or off-road.

The advanced E-Handling system, which improves cornering stability, helps you drive dynamically. The technology in hybrid models and rechargeable hybrids with standard shock absorbers improves the traction of front-wheel-drive SUVs by utilizing the torque of an electric motor. The advantages of the equipment are revealed in dangerous situations where a particularly quick reaction to the steering wheel is required.

Sales of the next-generation Kia Sportage in Europe will begin in 2021. in the second part of December.