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The new Land Rover Defender is already here. The reinterpretation of an icon for the 21st century is smart, capable and safe for the whole family. There is no other vehicle like it. The new Defender is intended for the most adventurous and curious, who appreciate community values ​​and strive to drive change.

The new Defender completes the Land Rover dynasty by joining the unmatched luxury and refinement of the Range Rover family and the high-performance of versatile Discovery SUVs. Version 110 is just the beginning of a family of the world’s strongest and most powerful off-road vehicles. The short 90 compact version will soon follow.

An emotionally charged design

The new Defender is unmistakable thanks to its distinctive silhouette with minimal front and rear overhangs for excellent attack and departure angles. Land Rover designers have reinterpreted the Defender’s hallmarks for the 21st century by giving it a functional angular presence with small alpine windows on the roof, while still keeping the side-hinged tailgate and spare wheel installed on the exterior that has always characterized the original model.

The minimalist personality of the original Defender is preserved inside, where the structural elements and fasteners, which are often hidden, are exposed to increase the feeling of simplicity and functionality. One of the innovative features is the gear change in the dashboard that makes it possible to install the optional center auxiliary seat in the front to create a row of three seats, as in the first Land Rover models.

The result is that the Defender 110 offers five, six, or 5 + 2-seater configurations with a cargo space behind the second row of up to 1,075 liters and up to 2,380 liters when the second row is folded. The Defender 90 is designed with six seats and the length of a five-door compact vehicle.

User-friendly features include practical details and advanced technological innovations. The sturdy rubber floor is easy to clean. It repels much of the “remains” of day-to-day adventures and those “trips” that are made once in a lifetime. The optional full-roof folding canopy offers a convertible feel. It also allows passengers in the second row of the Defender 110 to get up when the vehicle is parked for an authentic safari.

The definition of resistance

Land Rover’s D7x functional architecture (the “x” is a nod to “extreme”) builds on lightweight aluminum monocoque constructions to create the most rigid Land Rover bodywork yet produced. It is three times stiffer than traditional body-on-frame designs, serves as the basis for fully independent air or coil suspension, and enables the addition of the latest electrified motors.

The range of innovative features of the new Defender makes the difference. Permanent four-wheel drive, two-speed automatic gearbox, center differential, and optional active rear differential lock ensure you have all the mechanical components you need to drive safely through the soft desert sand, the tundra frozen Arctic or any other terrain.

Configurable Terrain Response is first introduced in the new Defender so experienced riders in off-road situations can customize individual vehicle settings to their liking and adapt to current conditions, while less practiced drivers can let the system Detect the most appropriate settings based on the terrain with the automatic smart function.

The new body architecture offers 291mm ground clearance and world-class off-road geometry, so the 110 version can boast 38, 28 and 40 degree angles of attack, ventral and departure (off-road dimensions) , respectively. The maximum wading depth of 900mm combines with the new Wade program of the Terrain Response 2 system to ensure drivers can fording deep water with complete confidence.

Once on the ground, Land Rover’s advanced ClearSight Ground View technology helps drivers make the most of the Defender’s all-powerful capabilities by displaying on the central touchscreen the area that is usually hidden by the hood, directly in front of the front wheels.

Therefore, the new Defender redefines its range of features and raises the bar for both off-road resistance and road comfort. You can get around traffic jams just as easily as you climb mountains, traverse deserts, and withstand sub-zero temperatures. Its millimeter-fine maneuverability allows you to enjoy satisfactory driving on any surface and first-class comfort on long journeys.

Power and efficiency

The selection of cleaner, advanced gasoline and diesel engines ensures that the new Defender has power, control and efficiency in any environment. Also, next year a version with plug-in hybrid electric motor (PHEV) for the quiet driving experience that only an electric vehicle can provide.

At launch, the gasoline range includes a P300 four-cylinder engine and a powerful six-cylinder P400 with efficient mild hybrid electric technology. As an alternative, customers can choose between a pair of four-cylinder diesel engines (the D200 and the powerful D240) with a fuel consumption of 37.2 mpg (7.6 liters per 100 km) and CO2 emissions of 199 g / km (NEDC correlated).

Innovative engineering solutions promote efficient driving, such as a flat bottom that optimizes aerodynamic performance (achieves a coefficient of just 0.38 Cd) and protects that area of ​​the vehicle.


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