new landing of a flight from Islamabad on Tuesday morning in Melsbroek

A new plane from Islamabad landed shortly after 7:30 a.m. at Melsbroek airport on Tuesday. This, operated by the company Air Belgium, was to be “at maximum capacity“, or 250 passengers, we learned Monday from the Federal Public Service (SPF) Foreign Affairs.

The passengers, who are among the some 280 people evacuated Monday from Afghanistan to Pakistan by Belgian C-130s, must then be directed to the Peutie barracks for a screening and a Covid test.

Two planes, a civilian Airbus A340 and a military A330, carrying a total of 226 people exfiltrated from Kabul – mostly Afghans and their families – landed at Melsbroek military airport on Monday morning. These were the first arrivals on Belgian soil of people evacuated from Afghanistan since the launch of Operation Red Kite.

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