New marketing trend: Kia dealers rely on advertising on “Addressable TV”

The industry-specific marketing agency Breitengrat wants to make “Addressable TV” (ATV) more accessible to the automobile trade. Partnerships with large private broadcasting groups have been concluded in order to ensure the greatest possible coverage and reach, said managing director Tim Klötzing in Essen. This made it possible for dealerships with smaller budgets to use this format. “Right now, a larger number of Kia dealers are relying on the form of advertising in order to show an attention-grabbing presence even in times of the corona lockdown. And that where a lot of people can currently be reached: via television,” said Klötzing.

In a nutshell: ATV’s advertising is played on smart TVs. To do this, the television must be connected to the Internet. According to Klötzing, this is already the case for 47 percent of all TV households in Germany (as of 01/2019) – with a strong upward trend.

The local dealer in the TV program

The special thing about this form of advertising: TV advertising was previously reserved for the big brands and expensive campaigns. But now the local car dealer is also appearing on TV. Klötzing: “Its regionality immediately attracts attention and stays in the audience’s mind with an” aha “effect.” Keyword viewers: The advertisement is not simply shown to all users. Each campaign receives its own dynamic targeting and dynamic advertising material, which is made up of factors such as region, location, age, gender, household income, time, program and weather.

Specifically, more than 60 Kia dealers rely on ATV campaigns. According to the information, they achieved a total reach of a good 3.8 million displays within eight weeks with a total display time of approx. 16,025 hours. “On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that each campaign was only published regionally and thus on the one hand supports the awareness of the Kia brand, but on the other hand the image of the dealer has been significantly enhanced,” emphasized Klötzing.


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