New measures to combat avian influenza due to the changing climate x 6 axes


The Central Department of Preventive Medicine, the General Authority for Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, revealed a package of measures to combat bird flu, especially with the advent of winter and in light of climate change, where the Authority is implementing its plan to combat bird flu in coordination with the directorates.

Day VII publishes the procedures for veterinary services to combat avian influenza:

First: Investigation of all types:

– Intensification and continuation of all types of surveillance for bird flu through the formation of committees of the Authority and doctors of the directorates, and coordination with the Central Laboratory in the plan to investigate the epidemic situation at the level of the Republic.

– Continuous active search routing around the focus.

– Investigation of migratory birds in seven governorates.

– Negative investigation through the strengthening of doctors in veterinary units and coordination with the Central Laboratory to examine all types of birds before marketing to ensure free of bird flu and follow-up reports and complaints from the directorates.

Second: Operational procedures following the emergence of the focus:

– Follow up the implementation of immediate rapid response procedures when a focus is discovered or when there are reports of suspicion through.

– Supporting the doctors of the rapid response teams in the units in the governorates with tools, disinfectants and leaflets.

– Responding to reports of suspected avian influenza in domestic birds.

– Responding to reports in case of suspected bird flu in human cases.

– The Rapid Response Team consists of an Investigation Officer, an Execution Officer and a Cleansing Officer, and a Communication and Outreach Officer.

Third: Farm Safety:

– Inspect farms, hatcheries and feed factories and prepare biosecurity certificates in preparation for issuing an operating license.

– Preparation, follow-up and implementation of periodical publications issued by the Authority to explain the measures to combat the disease.

– Implementing programs of establishments and areas isolated from poultry companies and farms.

– Farm inspections as a temporary veterinary quarantine as requested by importing companies to receive imported chicks one day old and follow-up birds and vaccinated under the supervision of the Commission.

– Follow-up farms and nurseries within the scope of veterinary units and the work of pre-sale inspection test for the issuance of sales and transport permits.

– Training courses for farm owners to increase awareness and make the most of the application of biosecurity conditions to prevent the spread of diseases among farms.

Fourth: Training:

– Raise the efficiency of workers in the field of government veterinary medicine through:

– Training veterinarians working in veterinary departments and units at the level of the Republic.

– Training of workers and technicians in veterinary departments and units at the level of the Republic.

Fifth: Immunization:

– The implementation of the immunization plan directed at the scope of immunization around the focus and vaccination of nurseries.

– Immunization of nurseries nationwide in two doses (initial dose, booster dose) before marketing.

– Immunize domestic birds and nurseries around the detected outpost within 9 km.

– Follow-up and control of the immunization process carried out by the directorates.

Sixth: Viral Pregnancy Reduction Plan

– Through the cooperation of veterinary medicine, localities and the environment, the implementation of the plan to reduce the viral load through the purification of markets, feathers and houses and holding seminars at the level of all directorates.

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