new mobilization of personnel in the social and medico-social sector

About 300 people answered this Tuesday, February 1 to the call of Sud Santé Sociaux 21 and the inter-union Acodege Sud CGT. The rally took place in front of the Dijon Town Hall, Place de la Liberation before the procession took the direction of Place Darcy to reach the prefecture of Côte-d’Or, where according to our information no delegation was to be received. by the prefect. The demands have remained the same for many weeks. All denounce salaries that are too low, recurrent understaffing and difficult working conditions.

On the left Véronique Gros and on the right Frédéric Maurice
On the left Véronique Gros and on the right Frédéric Maurice © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

A national movement in the wake of that of December 7

Last December, 550 people from all over the greater region took part in a first demonstration, again following a national slogan. On this February 1 throughout France, the unions are mobilizing their troops as the next February 18 the Conference of Social and Medical Social Professions requested by Jean Castex and Emmanuel Macron. It will be a question of seeing how we could revalorize these trades. According to Véronique Gros of the CGT at ACODEGE, there is urgency because “No one wants to work in this sector anymore, the salaries are too low, we have a large number of resignations, we are in fact the ‘forgotten of Ségur de la Santé'”.

Signs held up during the demonstration in Dijon
Signs held up during the demonstration in Dijon © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

“The Forgotten of Ségur” it is precisely one of the other slogans that we could read on their placards at the beginning of December. According to Frédéric Maurice, another trade unionist and employee of the Mutualité Française Bourguignonne this Tuesday afternoon in Dijon, this demonstration was intended to denounce “wages that are too low but also staff retention and recruitment problems which in fact leads to a deterioration of working conditions for those who remain in the establishments”.

Frédéric Maurice, also points “à la carte upgrades” with the Laforcade mission, an agreement which provides for the transposition of the Ségur law to medico-social matters, which has increased the number of personnel who benefit from the revaluation of 183 euros for certain personnel (medico-psychological assistance ‘AMP’, caregivers, nurses) but not for everyone (special educators, monitors-educators, etc.).

The procession before its departure from Place de la Liberation in Dijon
The procession before its departure from Place de la Liberation in Dijon © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

A loss of purchasing power of 30% for employees in the sector

The medical-social personnel consider that they have lost 30% purchasing power in 30 years. They are also asking for a revaluation of the index point frozen since the mid-1990s. “if we except a revaluation of 0.6% in 2017 which was not even enough to cover inflation, we have had nothing for 30 years” plague this trade unionist from Dijon again.

Medico-social personnel in Côte-d’Or work in structures such as ACODEGE (800 employees), Mutualité Française Bourguignonne (1,500 employees), PEP 21, ADEFO and the Société Dijonnaise de l’ Assistance through Work (SDAT) but also the sectors of child protection, exclusion or disability for the benefit of “all those we do not want to see” explains fatalistic Véronique Gros of the CGT at the ACODEGE, determined despite everything to make the voice of employees in the sector heard.