New mobilization of teachers at the Lycée des Bourdonnières in Nantes

The problem has been going on for a month now, and it will not be resolved until All Saints’ Day. A teacher is still missing in the first STMG classes, a technological course, at the Lycée des Bourdonnières in Nantes. This is why teachers and high school staff went on strike for an hour on Friday October 1. “The means were not put in front of the workforce”, deplores François Duchesne who teaches eco-management.

Forty hours of lessons to catch up

Two new classes were opened at the start of the school year: a 1st year of BTS and a first STMG. Result, in first STMG, classes have gone from 25 to 35 students. And at the same time, he’s still missing an economics-law teacher for this sector, which means that some students do not have courses in their specialty, “coefficient 16 au Bac” specifies François Duchesne. “The situation is all the more serious as it could have been foreseen as early as June”, adds SNES delegate François Paquereau.

“If we plan more classes, we must plan more teachers!” – François Paquereau, SNES delegate

The teacher in question is expected for All Saints’ Day, but the students will therefore have around 40 hours to catch up in this subject. by the Baccalaureate exams scheduled for March 2022. Unacceptable, when you think that the government says it wants to promote technological fields, according to this math professor: “It is tiring to see the gap between the national rhetoric and the reality on the ground!” “We must teach students things, but also make them grow and become citizens. But this is not what we are doing”, regrets François Duchesne. The teachers had already mobilized this summer against the opening of new classes in this high school of nearly 2,000 students.


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