New Moon April 16: Rites for Money, Success and Willingness


The New Moon is a short period during which the Moon experiences an energy renewal. On this day, each person will have the opportunity to change their lives for the better and find the desired. Effective rituals for money, luck and fulfillment of desire will help you in this.
New Moon April 16: Rites for Money, Success and Willingness
Our ancestors believed that the influence of the moon could affect all spheres of human life. For each lunar phase, its own characteristics are characteristic, which determine the energy of the night luminary. For a long time New Moon symbolized the beginning of a new life. That’s why at that time people were trying to do everything to achieve the desired changes. In this regard, a lot of rituals have arisen, thanks to which you can attract money, luck, and also to realize any desire in reality.

Money Rite in New Moon
In the modern world, money plays an important role in human life. To attract prosperity and financial well-being into your life, take advantage of a strong rite.
You will need:
three notes;
three coins;
desk mirror.
In the evening, before going to bed, put the desk mirror in front of you and carefully place coins and bills on it. Then relax and imagine that you are already the owner of the amount you want to find. After you have visualized what you want, say:
“Let the old Moon take with me all my problems, let the new give me wealth and prosperity. Let (the sum) be in my wallet. ”
Go to bed with positive thoughts and do not forget to think that soon you will get the desired amount.
We bring good luck on April 16
To succeed in any endeavor, we need luck. If you want Fortuna to always be on your side, draw her attention with a strong rite in New Moon.
Take a sheet of paper and write on it something that, in your opinion, prevents you from achieving more. For example, if you think that the advice of others is sometimes inappropriate, or vice versa, the lack of support from relatives deprives you of many opportunities, be sure to write it down.

Then light the candle and burn your list. As he burns out, imagine that with him your life is left with all the problems and obstacles that arise on the road to success.
After that, go for a walk and try to feel the atmosphere. Imagine that soon your life will begin with a clean slate, and luck will always be near you.
The strongest ritual for the fulfillment of dreams
Of the many rites for the execution of desires experts site selected for you one of the most effective. It should be carried out in the first hours of New Moon (it will come at 05:00 Moscow time), while the energy of the night light is maximally strong.
For the ritual, you need a sheet of paper, a red pen and a green candle. Be seated in a separate room and write down on paper all your desires, from the most cherished to the most insignificant. At this time, you should be in a good mood, because negative thoughts and emotions can knock you off the right energy wave. If you are upset, do not start manipulating, in which case their result is unlikely to meet your expectations.
After completing the list, imagine each desire, and better combine them together. For example, if you dream to go on a trip and want to buy a car, imagine that you are going to another country on a new car. If you want to find your love and move to a new apartment, in your subconscious you can draw a picture of where you are in the house of your dreams with your loved one. Try to give free rein to fantasy – this will speed up the ritual.
After completing the above steps, burn the leaf with wishes on the candle flame, but always think about them. If you could correctly send a signal to the Universe, it will necessarily respond to your requests.
Experience shows that it is most useful to dream just before going to bed. At this time we are able to feel as relaxed as possible and can concentrate on our dreams. To fulfill the desire, it is not always necessary to resort to the help of rituals and rituals: it is enough to connect the imagination and draw the desired force of thought.


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