New musical service from "YouTube"

New musical service from "YouTube"

Dubai – By Mohammed Faris © Al Watan Newspaper Submitted by YouTube is launching a new music service, YouTube Music, next week, and it will soon unveil a new premium service that will receive more fees for the original series produced by the company. YouTube, owned by Alphabit, said on Wednesday that the new service, which begins on May 22, will be accompanied by additional features, such as personal lists of songs created based on the date each person uses the site, and other patterns of use. The YouTube Music service will be launched Tuesday in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea and will extend to other countries in the coming weeks. The company added in a Web posting that it would also launch YouTube Premium, a service developed by YouTube Red. YouTube said the new YouTube Music service, supported by ads, would be free, while YouTube’s “Premium” Premium, which is not accompanied by ads, will be available for $ 9.99 a month. YouTube plans to charge $ 2 more for Premium because it will include YouTube Music with the original series. The company said the cost of the YouTube Premium service would be $ 11.9 per new member. “YouTube Premia has no ads, including wallpapers and offline use,” she said. “You can also see original YouTube shows like Cobra Kay and Steep Abbey: WaterWater and Youth and Conscons.” She pointed out that current members of YouTube Red will pay the same current cost for YouTube Premium. …………… .. Twitter: 22% annual increase in Twitter in Ramadan The social networking site # Twitter released its research results on # Ramadan_2017, coinciding with the approaching 2018 Ramadan. The studies have selected three major markets to look at: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. These studies showed the behavior of Twitter users during the month of Ramadan20177, as well as user trends during the month of Ramadan20188, providing insights for brands interested in engaging with different audiences. Twitter has also helped to connect users with content and their favorite people, especially during the month of Ramadan as users turn to the platform to share updates in real time, search for tips and best practices, interact with their favorite content creators and watch live shows. “Our research and studies have shown a tremendous increase in user interaction,” said Benjamin Ambien, General Manager of Twitter Middle East and North Africa. In Ramadan 2017, Twitter usage in Ramadan talks rose to 118 million worldwide, of which 54 million were from the Middle East and North Africa alone. Saudi Arabia also recorded an 88% increase in tweets compared to 2016. ” Globally, people spent more time on the podium at 10% than usual, and 17% more watched videos. Twitter increased by 18%, engagement and interaction increased during Ramadan and Twitter re-added to 9%. Conversations on a normal day of Ramadan on Twitter reach late at night, and then come back after breakfast. ………… Microsoft is working on cheaper versions of Surface Microsoft has seen great success with Windows Surface panels, but it will be hard to say that the Surface panels released so far target all segments of society in terms of price. However, this may change in the future if the report we received today is true. In fact, a new report released today says that Microsoft has developed a set of Surface panels designed to compete with Apple’s low-priced iPad tablets. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is developing a range of new Surface panels that will be released on the market at affordable prices to compete more with iPad tablets from Apple. Will not only be cheap but will be smaller versions of the existing Surface Pro. Microsoft is said to have started from scratch and designed these tablets to include 10-inch screens and round corners that correspond to the traditional tablet design instead of the rectangular design on Surface. The new models will be 20 percent lighter than Surface Pro, and will include USB Type-C and Windows 10 Pro while priced at around $ 400. These new tablets will be equipped with Intel processors while providing models that support LTE networks. In these new helicopters, the backrest will be retained, but will not be shipped with the keyboard or stylus. Microsoft is said to be working on cheaper versions of the mouse, and the protective keyboard for these new helicopters. However, it remains to be seen when Microsoft will release the new Surface panels. ………… .. Another report suggests the arrival of Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual There was a rumor a few months ago that Samsung might consider launching the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual, possibly in July. Of course, this is not the month when Samsung used to detect the new Galaxy Note phones, but it seems that these rumors will not die any time soon. According to a recent report by The Korea Herald, he also notes that Galaxy Note 9 will be released earlier than usual. The report says this will compensate for the low sales of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9, which we recently heard that it has finally broken the 1 million unit barrier in South Korea. The report goes so far as to say that the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled in August instead of September, which means a month before the date the Galaxy Note 8 was announced last year. Although the new report does not mention July as a timeframe for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 9, as noted in the previous report, it supports rumors that Samsung’s next flagship tablet will be launched earlier than usual. Samsung has declined to comment on the report, Samsung quoted a Samsung official as saying. “The overall feeling is not very different from last year for the first launches. There is a lot of ongoing business with third party component suppliers to develop multiple prototypes. The timing of their supply will not determine our schedule for the new launches. ” ………………. Apple asks Samsung to pay $ 1 billion in damages Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for the first time for infringement of patents in 2011. The devices against which the lawsuit was filed are no longer available for sale, but the case has since continued, but the lawsuit was filed by both companies later. The case was decided in favor of Apple in 2012 and received a compensation of US $ 1.05 billion. Samsung has opposed the amount, and now the battle for the amount owed to Apple began today so that this retrial began and Apple requested $ 1 billion in compensation from its South Korean competitor. Samsung does not refute the fact that it has violated Apple’s patents, but instead of demanding $ 1 billion in compensation, it seeks a much lower penalty of only $ 28 million in damages. Apple’s lawyer, Bill Lee, said Samsung had made a profit of about $ 1 billion from violating Apple’s design patents, but Samsung says it should only pay for the specific patents it has infringed, not the full profits from the devices it sold. . This figure according to Samsung is 28 million US dollars. Samsung’s lawyer, John Quinn, said in court that Apple was seeking full-phone profits and that the company’s patents were “meager”, stressing that the award should be limited to the specific components of those devices that were found to violate Apple’s patents. This case will continue for the coming months, and the media will closely monitor this case to see the final judgment of the court in this case, which has been in public opinion for many years. ……………… Official announcement of the upscale Smartisan R1 phone with 1 TB memory Smartisan is not a common name in the smart phone market, but the new smart phone from this company, named Smartisan R1 is not like any smart phone in the market now, it is a unique smart phone because it includes very high technology specifications, including a huge amount of Storage. The key feature of the new Smartisan R1 is its storage memory. In fact, the most expensive version of this phone has UFS 2.1 storage of 1 TB but that’s not all. It also includes the Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB or 8GB random memory, and a 6.17-inch long, With a resolution of 1080 × 2424 pixels protected by the Gorilla Glass 5. On the screen, they provide a contrast of 1500: 1 and cover 96 percent of the DCI-P3 chromatic gradient. The new Smartisan R1 also features a small cut in the upper center of the screen that accommodates a 24 megapixel front camera with a 2.0-inch lens along with the headset. For the dual rear camera, it incorporates a basic sensor with 12 megapixels with a 1.8-inch lens and a secondary 20 megapixel sensor with a 1.75-inch lens. ……………… OnePlus Unveils Officially OnePlus Phone After a long series of leaks and stunts, OnePlus today officially unveiled its first flagship phone this year under the name OnePlus 6, the phone through which OnePlus seeks to destabilize the power market again in the smart phone market by engaging in fierce competition With the likes of iPhone X, Galaxy S9, LG G7 ThinQ, Huawei P20 Pro and other high-end phones. When it comes to design, the new OnePlus 6 has a long screen with a cut in the upper middle part, which will include the headset, camera and other essential sensors. Regardless of the screen, the phone has a dual camera in vertical position in the backend with the LED flash and fingerprint sensor on the front of the front to release more screen space and lower the bottom frame. In terms of technical specifications, the new OnePlus 6 features a 6.28-inch Optic AMOLED screen with 1080 x 2280 pixel resolution protected with the Gorilla Glass 5, a 2.45Ghz Snapdragon 845 cpu, 6GB or 8GB random memory, 256GB, as well as a 3300mAh battery supporting Dash Charge. As you can expect, this phone also comes preinstalled with the Oreo Android 8.1 system. OnePlus 6 also features a 16 megapixel front camera with Face Unlock and digital photo stabilization, which will improve the quality of self-video. The phone also features a 16 megapixel dual-frame rear camera for the first sensor and 20 megapixels for the second sensor. This camera supports many features based on artificial intelligence, such as background images, and supports slow video capture at 720p and 480 frames per second, 4K videos at 60 frames per second. …………… .. YouTube is testing the “hidden browsing” mode in the official application of the Android platform The “hidden browsing mode” in browsers is a feature that has been known for some time and is very useful, especially if you log on to your account when you use someone else’s computer. Well, YouTube is now testing the same feature in its official application of the Android platform. YouTube already has a feature that prevents the app from recording your watch history and search history, and you can find it by going to Settings and then History & Privacy. However, accessing the new invisible browsing mode should be easier by clicking on your account image in the upper right corner, as there is an option to enable and disable “hidden browsing mode.” No need to search the settings menu anymore. When the application is activated, it will not record the current viewing session and the subscription list will be hidden. The familiar hidden browsing icon will be visible in the top right corner indicating that you are browsing YouTube anonymously. To date, this feature is still being tested, so it is not currently available for all Android devices, but it is likely to be available to general users in the near future. ……………… Groups in WhatsApp receive more new features to enhance interaction Groups represent an important part of WhatsApp because they are used by families and friends to keep in touch with each other and even by teams to get the job done. WhatsApp recognizes the importance of collections, which is why the company announced new features for this part of its application. Some new features include better control for administrators, search for participants, group collection, and more. Groups contain a description, and short publicity under group information where the administrator can set the purpose, guidelines, and topics for that group. This description will appear at the top of the chat when a new person joins the group. The new settings now allow administrators to restrict who can change the group icon, theme, and description. There is also a feature that will enable users who have been away from chat to quickly catch up with or respond to the messages they have been referenced by clicking on the new “@” button in the bottom right corner of the chat. Using the Participant feature, users can find anyone in a group by searching for it on the Info page. Additional protection is now available to users as well so they can not be added repeatedly to the groups they left. All of these features are now available to WhatsApp users on the Android and iOS platforms. …………… .. Xiaomi works on technology similar to Face ID for the Xiaomi Mi7 phone It seems that the pieces in the upper middle part of the Xiaomi Mi7 phone screen will be more than just a design. A leaked image reveals today that there is a system similar to the TrueDepth system in that segment located in the upper middle part of the next flagship phone of the Chinese company. As you probably know, the TrueDepth system on the iPhone X is dependent on many of the features available in the current flagship phone of the US company, including Face ID and Animoji. As for the image leaked today, it confirms that Xiaomi is working on similar technology that will also allow the Xiaomi Mi7 to come with 3D facial recognition and possibly a new type of animated emoticons. Leaked images in the recent past show us that the Xiaomi Mi7 will feature large pieces in the upper center of the screen, unlike some existing smart phones with relatively small pieces. Now, thanks to this leaked image today, we have made sure that this volume is justified, and the justification in this case is the sophisticated technology stuffed inside. Most Android-enabled smartphones with facial recognition rely on the front camera only to identify the user. Therefore, they leave the remaining space in the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and earpiece, resulting in much smaller pieces. Xiaomi reportedly faced some problems in providing the Xiaomi Mi7 with a similar feature to Face ID, which delayed the launch of the phone. It is now reported that the phone will be officially announced on May 23, while the Xiaomi Mi6 was launched in April last year. ………… .. Official announcement of OnePlus Bullets Wireless wireless headsets Although the OnePlus 6 still retains the 3.5mm speaker port, OnePlus today officially unveiled a wireless version of its OnePlus Bullets. In these new wireless headphones, two earphones are connected by cable and both can be attached by magnet when not in use. Better yet, it automatically shuts down when you do so to save energy. These new wireless headphones support aptX for high-quality sound and have 9.2mm speakers with Energy Tubes technology, which directs audio to the eardrum. As you can expect, these new speakers from OnePlus are made of metal and silicon, and OnePlus says that these new speakers will provide a cleaner, richer voice. The new OnePlus Bullets Wireless speakers can call the Google Assistant PDA by holding down the middle button. In addition, the new OnePlus Bullets Wireless headset has its own version of Dash Charge, so 10 minutes of charging will give you 5 hours of listening, knowing that these speakers will give you 8 hours of charging. Best of all, charging is via USB Type-C. Thank you for reading the news about the new musical service from “YouTube” on Gulf 365 Please note that the content of the topic has been written by MSN Saudi Arabia It may have been fully transmitted or quoted from it and you can read and follow the news of this source from the main source of the link below MSN Saudi Arabia We are not responsible for the content of this news with best wishes for Happy Day.

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