New natural rubber processing plant brings joy to producers in Tabou

Tabou- The first natural rubber processing plant, under construction between Tabou and the village of Ombloké, is arousing the joy of rubber producers who have been confronted for several years with the slump in their production.

Started a few months ago, the work, which is taking place on a site of around 27 hectares, has progressed to the level of the framework. Company officials explained, without specifying its production capacity, that the plant will be able to satisfy all the thousands of rubber producers in the department.

The producers, who register daily in large numbers in the registers of the new company, are impatiently awaiting the end of the work. They believe that this factory could end the production slump and lift them out of poverty.

“We would like the work of this factory to accelerate more because currently even our productions are unsold, the only factory of the Rubber Company of Grand-Béréby (SOGB) being saturated,” said Nemlin G.

Producers of rubber, one of the main perennial cash crops in the department of Tabou, are repeatedly confronted with poor sales of their production. Faced with the difficulties of obtaining appointments at the SOGB factory to deliver their products at the farm gate price set by the sector’s regulatory bodies, small producers are turning to other private buyers who offer derisory prices and very often eat them away with uncalibrated scales that do not display the actual weight of the latex.