new night tensions before the return of the daytime demonstration against the pension reform

This Wednesday evening, some rehearsed their scales in Lyon.

Before the return of the demonstration this Thursday morning against the pension reform, the first since the adoption of the text via the use of 49.3, a wild movement was organized from Place des Terreaux.

Very quickly, the hundreds of participants left in the direction of the Pentes de la Croix-Rousse. Quite disorganized, they tried to descend to the Opera. But the police systematically blocked in the direction of the descent.

Several throwing of projectiles and fires of garbage cans on the way were carried out. A demonstrator was seriously hit in the face, but the prefecture does not yet know the origin of this injury.

The more than 200 individuals still on the run in the streets of Croix-Rousse managed to get back down to the banks of the Rhône. Again, the police used tear gas to try to disperse the most belligerent groups. Some demonstrators crossed the river to find themselves on Boulevard des Belges. Before returning and wandering around the rue de la République area.