TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – India has the largest prostitution area in Asia.

Localization located This Kolkata is named Sonagachi.

More than 7,000 commercial sex workers depend on their lives in the area.

However, during the Corona Virus outbreak and the local government imposed a lockdown, most of the prostitutes there no longer serve masher men in their beds.

Laila Das (not real name) for example. These CSWs usually serve 5 men a day.

As a prostitute, some clients want to have sex with Laila while others only want to be accompanied.

When the Indian lockdown was announced last March, Laila had no clients at all.

However, things are getting better now.

In the life of ‘New Normal’ or a new order after the lockdown due to the corona virus outbreak, Laila can ‘peddle’ herself through high technology, namely through a smartphone.

Meanwhile, there is a result of research from the Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School on ‘the impact of the sustainability of the area of ​​prostitution in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak in India’.

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