New Peugeot 408, the cities where parking is the most expensive… JT Auto

According to the latest study by Zenpark, an application specializing in parking rental, Paris remains the French city where the price of on-street parking is the most expensive. And by far since the average rate in the capital is 5 euros for an hour, double the prices charged in Grenoble (2.50 euros per hour on average), the second city in the ranking. The podium is completed by Bordeaux.

To this is added of course the price of the fixed fine. And here again, there are real disparities between the different agglomerations. The record is to be put once again on the account of the capital whose price of the ticket can reach up to 75 euros in the center of Paris. Lyon are not far behind with a fine amounting to 60 euros. Count 35 euros in Bordeaux and Nantes. Among the 10 cities in Zenpark’s ranking, only Lille, Marseille and Montpellier have maintained the price of the fine at 17 euros as it was before the 2018 reform.

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Price increases are also being discussed at Tesla. The American manufacturer has revised upwards the prices of its star model, the Model 3. The entry-level version climbs by 2,500 euros to reach 53,490 euros. As for the “Grande Autonomie” version, it is no longer eligible for the ecological bonus.

In this JT Auto, we will also come back to the success of the Citroën My Ami Buggy, of which the 50 units available for sale were sold out in less than 20 minutes! We will also talk about the latest innovation from Peugeot – the 408 – which is not quite a sedan, nor an SUV, nor a coupe…