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new professions will be able to administer vaccines

by archyw

Physiotherapist masseurs, nursing assistants and childcare auxiliaries, in particular, are joining the list of professionals who can lend a hand to the vaccination campaign.

The vaccine campaign against Covid-19 receives new reinforcements. In a decree published today in the official journal, the executive authorizes new professions to administer vaccines. A way to ensure new arms, while the milestone of 20 million first injections must be crossed this week and the target audience has grown considerably in recent days.

First, several new professions will be able to administer doses in a vaccination center. These are the “physiotherapist masseurs, [des] caregivers, [des] childcare auxiliaries, [des] paramedics, [des] holders of PSE2 first aid training as well as [des] undergraduate students of maieutics“. These categories therefore include laboratory technicians, dental surgeons and veterinarians, in particular. All of these professionals must be trained before they can inject the doses.

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In addition, the text specifies that postgraduate students in medicine and pharmacy can administer doses in vaccination centers as well as at their place of internship. Here again, they must, for pharmacy students, either have followed the “theoretical and practical lessons relating to vaccination“During their training, or have received a”specific training on covid-19 vaccination»Provided by a trained health professional.

All vaccines are affected, from Pfizer-BioNTech to AstraZeneca, including Janssen. The provisions come into force “at once», It is specified. These new hands should make it possible to participate in “acceleration of the vaccination campaign”: They must in particular make it possible to avoid seeing the number of volunteers participating in the system collapse with the bridges of May and the holidays to come.

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