New prospective fashion princess: Countess Eloise van Oranje

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Countess Eloise van Oranje made several hits this week online headlines. “I think I might come across as an open and authentic person. I think it’s nice because I’m one of the few who have an open account in the family and I think quite a few people enjoy seeing it.”

You are royal or not. Eloise, 18, knows how to present herself well and has already completed her first interview. “I’m just a normal girl with a title,” she said. The countess had long been known to Beau Monde, for many a (young) Netherlands it is the first meeting with the daughter of prince Constantijn and Laurentien. What does the Countess have to offer?

Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence, Countess of Orange-Nassau, Lady of Amsberg, is the oldest of her generation of Orange. She is the girl who first made Princess Beatrix a grandmother and the only grandchild Prince Claus has ever seen.

The countess is fifth in line to the throne. Her official title is Highborn Lady, but she does nothing with that: she is ‘just Eloise’. That she is not a princess stems from the royal decree to limit the number of princes and princesses. Incidentally, she is not named after the Barry Ryan song, but after an ancestor of Laurentien.

Now that Eloise is eighteen and has a public Instagram account, we are learning more and more about the royal. For example, she (she obtained her high school diploma last month) states that she has registered for the Hogere Hotelschool. “I want to do something with management and then in a hotel,” she answers when asked what her dream job is.

The countess prefers to shop second-hand, but also a lot Zaful, Shein in Subdued. They are the popular ones budgetproof brands for the younger generation (even though we sometimes browse). So believe that great niece Eloise inspires the A’s.

For people who just want to be friends with her because of her family, the Countess really has no time. And she is very clear about that: “Is really annoying. Block that trade.” That you know. Clear language of the countess; it will come. We keep an eye on the Instagram account for the necessary news and fashion tips from the influence in the making.



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