New PS5 update 7.01.01 is ready for download and this change Sony is hiding from us

The system software 7.01.01 is here and fixes a problem with the game library.

After the last update did not bring any essential innovations, another patch is pending with the system software 7.01.01, which has more of a hotfix character, since only a small error has been eliminated.

This is how big the download is:

The latest patch comes at just once 834,1 MBso it’s not nearly as big as the previous two updates.

No improvement in system performance?

Unlike most other hotfixes, no patch notes will be displayed in the case of version 7.01.01 on the PlayStation 5. So there is not even the “improvement in system performance”, which is now treated as a joke by many fans, and which is displayed with almost every PS5 or PS4 update.

Instead, the database is rebuilt: What is rather unusual, however, is a somewhat longer recovery of the database, i.e. the directory in which downloaded content and game statuses are stored so that they can be called up quickly.

The database recovery is based on the actual content of the update: Sony fixed an issue that caused games and DLCs to not display correctly in the library. This emerges from the official patch notes for the offline download of version 7.01.01.

That brought the original version 7.00

The biggest innovation of the 7.00 update was the support of the messenger service Discord, which can also be used on PC and Xbox, thus connecting all platforms. Plus, controllers can finally be updated wirelessly, screen mirroring can be requested from friends, and 1440p monitors with HDMI 2.1 can finally use VRR on the PS5.

You can find out what else was in the update and how to set up Discord here:

This is how you activate the download of 7.01.01:

As soon as you log in with your PSN account on the PS5, the download of the update to version 7.01.01 should start automatically. If you have the automatic turned off, you can simply open a game with online functions, then the download should also appear in your notifications. You will not be allowed into online titles without the latest firmware, so that cheaters cannot sneak in.

Alternatively, you can also access the update via the system settings: All you have to do is get up System click, then in the tab Systemsoftware on Update and settings of the system software. And you should be able to start downloading the mini-patch!

Have you noticed a problem with your game library lately?