New quarantine rules will “apply very quickly”

/picture alliance, Reuters, Hannibal Hanschke

Berlin – Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach assumes that the new corona quarantine rules agreed by the federal and state governments will quickly become effective.

The rules would be implemented by the federal states, said the SPD politician last night in the ARDBroadcast “Report from Berlin”. “It will vary a little from country to country, but it will apply very quickly.”

With regard to the procedure, he explained: “We are making a model ordinance.” This would be “decided by the Bundestag and Bundesrat (…), so to speak – that will be done in the next week”.

Then the countries would have to react and take over. “But I’m totally confident about that, because no country has contradicted the model ordinance that we made there.” In fact, the states could already anticipate, Lauterbach added.

It is expected that the Omikron variant of the coronavirus will lead to high numbers of infections and that many will also have to be in quarantine as contact persons. So that public life does not collapse, the federal and state governments agreed last Friday to shorten the quarantine and isolation of infected people.

After the change, contact persons no longer have to be in quarantine if they have a booster vaccination, have been newly vaccinated twice, have been vaccinated and have recovered or have recently recovered. A period of up to three months is considered “fresh”. For everyone else, isolation or quarantine should generally end after ten days.

After seven days you can also be free-tested with a PCR or antigen test. So far, contact persons of a person infected with Omikron have been subject to a strict quarantine of 14 days, free testing is not possible. © dpa /



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