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New record for Bloodhound Land Record project

Warhurst has well-known faces, including driver Andy Green and chief engineer Mark Chapman, as well as many others from the original team, to ensure continuity. The team now also includes commercial director and former Formula 1 money salesman Ewen Honeyman, whose job is to find new supporters for the project.

Warhurst, who retired eight days ago last December when he heard that Bloodhound had textually notified his son, will "provide cash flow to keep the project on track" until more supporters are found. Warhurst recently sold to Melett, a manufacturer of turbocharger parts and equipment, which he owned and managed.

"I am overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm shown to the audience for the project," said Warhurst. "Over the past decade, an incredible amount of hard graft has been invested in this project. It would be a tragedy to see how it is wasted. My ambition is to let Bloodhound off the leash and see how fast it can go. "

Former Bloodhound SSC chief Richard Noble will not be taking part in Bloodhound's engineering side, but will continue to work on his pedagogical aspects. He said, "It was a tough struggle to develop the Bloodhound car, the UK's largest science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) program, the public engagement program, and the 1000-man preparation in the desert. Our weakness has always been financial, but now, with Ian Warhurst, the team has the support it needs to move forward. "

Q & A: Ian Warhurst

Why did you buy Bloodhound?

They were about to cut it up and send it away for scrap, in fact they put it back so I could see the car, I knew I could not go without making a deal. "

Did you know immediately that you choose the plate?

"We had to decide whether we wanted to put it in a museum or operate as planned. It took about two months to decide that this could be a commercial offer. "

How is the sponsorship going? Was not this the last time?

"So far, we've had some good indicators, calls from large companies that broadly speak the right numbers. The problem for projects like this is the cash flow I provide. If you are approaching running, you have something that you can sell to sponsors. We believe that this can be done on a reasonable commercial basis. "

Have you been to Hakskeen Pan?

"Yes, I was there earlier this month and did 100 km / h in a Toyota Land Cruiser. If you want to see flat, boy, that's it. I could not believe that we had to go eight times faster [current 763mph] Recording."

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