New residents of Italy will be paid extra for moving to the country

A photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA

In Italy, the authorities of the commune of Santo Stefano are planning to attract new young residents in an unusual way. They intend to issue grants for moving to the country. This was reported on the website of the administration of the settlement.

At the moment, the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio in the Abruzzo region is currently home to only 115 people. Of these, 41 are citizens over 65 and only 13 are under 20.

it is noted that attracting new residents will help ensure sustainable development of the commune. For this, new Italian citizens are ready to issue a grant of 20 thousand euros (about 1.8 million rubles). These funds can be used to open a business or as annual payments of eight thousand euros (about 720 thousand rubles) for the first three years of residence in the state, RIA Novosti writes.


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