New rich study reveals: There have never been so many millionaires in Germany! | money

Despite the pandemic! The rich got even richer in the second Corona year (2021)!

Their wealth increased by eight percent compared to 2020 to a record total of 86 trillion US dollars (around 82 trillion euros).

This is the result of calculations by the consulting firm Capgemini.

Reasons for the windfall among the wealthy: higher share prices and a general economic recovery after the Corona crisis of 2020.

► It is unclear whether things will continue this year: “However, our forecast for 2022 is much more cautious,” says Capgemini expert Klaus-Georg Meyer.

Debt: Interest rate hikes by the central banks in the fight against high inflation are putting a lot of pressure on share prices. The assets of millionaires shrank by around four percent worldwide between the end of last year and the end of April 2022.

Nevertheless, Meyer notes: “Things are steadily improving when we review the past few years.”

More millionaires than ever!

Particularly exciting: The club of dollar millionaires (all people who have the equivalent of more than one million US dollars) grew strongly in the last year.

In Germany, almost 100,000 new millionaires were added. A growth of 6.4 percent. Across Germany, 1.63 million people now own more than the equivalent of one million US dollars.

The highest level ever in Germany, as Meyer explains in BILD: “That’s 97,900 more than in the previous year and thus a new high.”

Worldwide there are even 22.5 million people (a growth of 7.8 percent in the last year).

► The total wealth of dollar millionaires in Germany rose by 7.4 percent to around 6.3 trillion dollars (around 6 trillion euros). In addition to increased share prices, a higher savings rate and the real estate boom also contributed to this.

According to the experts, Germany is still one of the countries with the most dollar millionaires.

► At the top are the USA (7.46 million), followed by Japan (3.65 million). China follows Germany in fourth place with 1.63 million wealthy individuals.

Around the world, the strongest growth reported last year was among the super-rich, who have at least $30 million in investable assets. Total assets grew by 8.1 percent. The number of the super-rich increased by 9.6 percent to around 220,000.