New Shitstorm: Shitstorm about Shitstorm: What’s up with the Geissens?


After criticizing one of Carmen Geiss’ social media postings against Farid Bang, her husband also intervenes.
After the echo debate around Farid Bang (31) and Kollegah (33) railed Carmen Geiss (52) on Facebook with harsh words against the rappers. In a post designated she called Farid Bang “a poor soul and really a sick person” – and insinuated that he was a “misogynist” and a “German hater”. With the following Shitstorm the reality TV actress had obviously not expected. At first some fans had suspected that their account could have been hacked, their reaction – and also that of their husband Robert Geiss (54) – but suggest that this was probably not the case.
After many angry comments were received, explained Carmen Geiss in another entry : “As you can see, these people actually do not respect women, hate older people and do not work but live in Germany.” She no longer wanted to read any comments. She apparently left the field to her husband. Thanks to a rhetoric, as they would have found their place on the much-quoted regular’s table, but also hit him waves of indignation.

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The thing with the foreigners
“You have been strong and your rapper you have been powerful !!! [Sic] ” suggests Robert Geiss on Instagram and starts in the best “That one will probably still be allowed to say …” – manner of the leather to pull. “All the foreigners who insult us in Germany all their money, why are you still there? [sic] “It would be better if the addressees were to go back to where they came from, according to Geiss. “You can all f in your countries …… […] Do that with your own women then it would be cool, and everything stays in one’s own country !!! [sic] “, it continues. And then one is surprised that correspondingly aggressive comments also come back.
To bring the whole thing back to rapper like Farid Bang, who, according to Geiss, “brainstorming with German children” – presumably he was brainwashing – operate, explains the television actor: “It was also not good to appear on the echo, because you definitely is NOT HIN !!! [Sic] ”
Presumably so that no one could now come up with the idea to put the Geissens possibly right thinking, the reality TV star closed his post with the fact that he now “with our friends from 5 different countries” music go. His set hashtags It can also be seen that he is next to Germany as well Russia , the USA, Croatia . France , Denmark, Italy . Spain . Greece and love Monaco. What he obviously does not love are German rappers with a Moroccan background – and their colleagues.


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