New Sony.. Launching a new virtual reality helmet

The futuristic BSVR 2 helmet is lighter than its predecessor and offers sharper and smoother images. The new hand controls, made in the form of knobs, are also easy to use.

In terms of ergonomics, the helmet is designed to allow the user to play with glasses on, and only one cable is required to connect it to the PlayStation 5.

About 30 games will be available on this device when PSVR 2 launches, including new games and updates to existing games such as Gran Turismo 7.

“Obviously, gaming is key to the helmet’s success,” Daquan says.

The PSVR 2 is offered in several countries, including France (starting at 600 euros), the United Kingdom (530 pounds sterling) and the United States (550 dollars).

Virtual reality helmets are not common

Despite the boom that occurred in the middle of the last decade, especially with Facebook’s acquisition of “Oculus” helmets in 2014 for two billion dollars, virtual reality helmets are not as popular as game consoles.

According to CSC Insights, fewer than 10 million units were delivered worldwide in 2022, including all brands combined. For comparison, Sony says it sold 30 million PlayStation 5 devices last year.

Two of the flagship models currently on the market, the Meta Quest 2 and the Pico 4, sell for more than $400, a price that might put many people off the hook.

Likewise, the “Pico 4” product, developed by the Chinese company “ByteDance”, which owns the “Tik Tok” application, is not available in the United States.

However, other players in the market (HTC, HP, Valve) offer products at prices similar to, or much higher than Meta and ByteDance.