New standards as the competition for electric cars intensifies: it is not just the distance that is tempting

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The list of participants in the traditional Lithuanian Car of the Year competition also proves that electric cars are becoming a larger part of the market. As many as a third, 11 of the 31 cars in the competition, are powered solely by electricity.

It matters not only how far you drive, but also how you drive

The ability of electric vehicles to run as far as possible is still an important indicator: the further away, the better. Three models stand out among the electric cars participating in the Lithuanian Car of the Year competition this year. According to, a real-life website, the Audi E-Tron GT Quattro, Škoda Enyaq and Mustang Mach-E can cover 420 km. The latter holds the Guinness World Record for the efficiency of electric vehicles.

Today, however, manufacturers are not only focusing on this parameter – they are increasingly working to make electric cars meet the other needs of drivers. As one of the members of the Lithuanian Automobile of the Year 2022 competition commission Egidijus Babelis notes, for example, the new Mustang Mach-E stands out for its inclusive driving.

“It simply came to our notice then. He was pleasantly surprised by his driving and handling characteristics. For example, many electric cars have solid chassis that absorb road roughness quite roughly, while the Mach-E does everything subtly and pleasantly, but at the same time it is very stable, obedient and sporty when driving on winding roads. In terms of driving, it is a truly engaging electric car, ”says E. Babelis.

Another member of the competition committee, Vitold Milius, who tested this sporty SUV, claims that the Mustang Mach-E, like most electric models, has a very dynamic ride, but is perfect for everyday use.

“The distance or driving dynamics of this electric car is influenced by the gear chosen by the buyer. It can be driven on the rear wheels, which allows one charge to go further or choose the powerful version with all-wheel drive and enjoy truly great dynamics. Having tested this model, I can say that it is not something radical. It is a practical, comfortable car that is suitable for everyday use, ”describes V. Milius.

Is this really a Mustang?

When Ford introduced the Mustang Mach-E, some experts and car enthusiasts were skeptical of the electric car’s name. The Mustang’s name is associated with the legendary two-door coupe model introduced in 1964, which made it possible to drive a sports car that also meets the needs of families. However, Milius emphasizes that the traditional model has not disappeared.

“It’s not like Mach-E replaced the Mustang. Drivers can still buy a sporty two-door coupe with an internal combustion engine – the old ones have not gone anywhere either, ”says the expert.

Babel notes that the Mustang Mach-E is a new generation electric car, but it is easily recognizable visually and it is not difficult to understand that it is a Mustang.

“This Mustang Mach-E is a little different from the Mustang than we are used to seeing, because the body is a bit longer and taller, it has two more doors. However, due to the coupe-style design, the sloping roofline and the coupe-like headlights and taillights, you immediately think it’s a Mustang when you see it, and don’t confuse it with anything else, ”says a vehicle reviewer.

When answering the question whether the Mach-E is attracting interest, V. Milius gives an account of an incident that occurred while testing this electric car.

“I stopped for a few minutes at the site near Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant. Soon another electric car approached me. The passenger asked if he could take a closer look at the Mach-E. He asked not only out of curiosity – the man ordered such a car “from the picture”, without actually seeing it, so he wanted to touch it a little.

The car left a good impression on him. I think this is a great indication that this Mustang is attracting the interest not only of passers-by, but also of people who want it and are ready to buy it, ”says V. Milius.

The new Mustang Mach-E has received more than just customer praise. The authoritative Car and Driver magazine named it the Electric Car of the Year, which was also named the best SUV in North America, and The Car Connector has recognized the Mach-E as the best off-road model available in 2021- aisiais.