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Zheli Holdings Asia (new listing code: 02209) will be IPO on July 2 starting today. Hong Kong online retailer Zhe Li plans to issue 39.54 million shares, 10% of which will be sold in Hong Kong, raising a maximum of 130 million yuan, Zhe Li’s offer price ranges from 3 yuan to 3.33 yuan, 1,000 shares per lot, Zhe Li one lot admission fee of about 3363 yuan , Is expected to be listed on July 9.

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The picture shows the key points of Zheli Holdings’ IPO

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Zhe Li is principally engaged in the procurement and sales of third-party branded and unbranded Asian fashion and lifestyle, beauty and entertainment products, and operates online shopping platforms “YesAsia”, “YesStyle” and “AsianBeauty Wholesale”. According to information, PCCW (00008) holds 11.16% of Zheli Holdings.

Zhe Li’s revenue last year recorded US$173 million, an increase of 47% year-on-year, and YesStyle contributed 90% of the group’s revenue. Profit for the year recorded US$11.22 million, an increase of 2.3 times year-on-year.

About 54% of the company’s fund-raising efforts are used to strengthen marketing efforts to attract and retain customers; 20.1% are used to optimize platform content and information technology capabilities and create a satisfactory user experience; 16.1% are used to improve logistics and distribution capabilities and warehouse efficiency ; 9.8% is used for general working capital.

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