New storms hit the canton of Bern – female car driver killed

Cleaning up after a storm on Sunday in Neuchâtel. The emergency services in the canton of Bern have a lot to do these days.


The canton of Bern was hit by new storms on Monday and Tuesday. The police received more than 450 reports. In Meikirch, a driver was fatally injured by a fallen tree on Monday evening.

The exact course of the accident is not yet known. The canton police issued a call for witnesses.

She received the message shortly after 5 p.m. on Monday. According to initial findings, the car coming from Ortschwaben was on the Bernstrasse in the direction of Meikirch. In a forest, the vehicle was hit by a falling tree.

The driver was trapped in the vehicle and seriously injured. The rescue workers could only determine the death of the woman on site.

According to the police, there are concrete indications of the identity of the deceased. Formal identification is still pending.

In addition to the canton police, an ambulance team, the professional fire brigade from Protection and Rescue Bern, the Wohlensee Nord fire brigade and the care team of the canton of Bern were on duty. Bernstrasse had to be closed for several hours during the accident work.

Long night for emergency services

The storms on Monday evening gave the emergency services in the canton of Bern a long night. House roofs were damaged, water seeped into houses. Several streets had to be closed because of fallen trees, as the canton police in Bern announced. Numerous fire departments moved out.

Around 100 reports were received during the night. By early Monday evening, the police had received more than 300 severe weather reports after heavy thunderstorms and heavy rain. Hailstorms caused considerable damage to plants and trees, especially in Seeland and between Bern and Thun.

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The work was made more difficult at times by an IT problem at the operations centers. The systems had to be restarted.

The police wrote that the redundancy between the Bern and Biel operations centers worked. However, due to the high number of phone calls, the staff at the operations centers were unable to answer every call immediately. The emergency calls to the rescue services were not affected.

Tree in Bern on the street

Another thunderstorm with hail and storm passed over the canton of Bern on Tuesday just before noon. The police received around 50 reports; they mainly affected the Bern region, the Seeland and the Bernese Jura.

A tree fell on the street near Kocherpark in Bern. Nobody got hurt. Several tram lines and one bus line were temporarily interrupted. Even private traffic could not circulate again until the afternoon.

Water in Thurnen again

In the Gürbetal municipality of Thurnen, the households of around 1,800 inhabitants had to be temporarily disconnected from the drinking water supply on Monday evening. A major leak had previously been discovered in the main drinking water pipe.

The problem occurred shortly after a severe thunderstorm ended. The authorities were able to give the all-clear on Tuesday morning.