New strike by UK train drivers to demand better pay

Train drivers from a large part of the United Kingdom are leading a new day of strike this Friday over the dispute they have over their working conditions and wages.

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The railway operators warned that this stoppage will cause serious alterations in the schedules of their services, which began to work much later than usual and will finish operating much earlier.

The stoppage is also expected to affect in some way the operation of some services this Saturday morning on some lines, while they are regulated again.

The railway industry assured that it works to keep the network running and criticized that the union has rejected an offer of a salary increase of 8% for two years, raising the average salary of almost 60,000 pounds (about 67,000 euros) per year to 65,000 pounds (72,000 euros).

Simon Weller, the assistant general secretary of the Aslef union, sees the labor dispute as moving “backward” with months of talks failing to make any progress.

This Friday is the second strike led by the country’s train drivers this week, after having participated in the concentration of strikes this Wednesday in sectors from education to the railway, the day of the largest mobilizations in the United Kingdom since 2011.